Charlie Mike Precision Long Range Precision Training Event

Showlow AZ – Charlie Mike Precision conducted a Long Range precision course during the week leading up to September 1st, where founders Charlie Melton and Phillip Hotzen II instructed they’re students on the 7 principles of marksmanship and trained on the application of those skills during live fire exercises at extreme distances. CMP students were alsoafforded…read more

BipodeXt Product Launch

Corona, CA: BipodeXt, from Accuracy Solutions, is proud to announce August 21st as its release date. The bipod extender gives shooters the stability of a tripod with the versatility of a bipod in a lightweight, compact design. It is compatible with most rifle/bipod configurations including Atlas and harris-bipod.   BipodeXt uses the principles of a lever/fulcrum…read more

Daniel Gyurec Talks About Shooting Accurate

During RX17 (Long Range Precision Rifle Seminar) Lew McCoy, of Rex Reviews Podcast, and Daniel Gyurec, inventor of BipodeXt and Managing Member of Accuracy Solutions LLC., discussed how BipodeXt came to be and why it will make you shoot accurate. Mr. Gyurec first assists Lew on how to pronounce his name and explains that his…read more

RX17 Long Range Precision Rifle Seminar Series

Rex Bestowing Knowledge on the Class RX17 Seminar Rex of Rex Reviews held the inaugural RX17 Seminar last weekend, June 16-18, in Grapevine TX, just north of Dallas Fort Worth airport. The seminar was designed as a prerequisite to the sold out live fire training scheduled for Sept./Oct. 2017. Students will learn Long Range Precision…read more

BipodeXt on Ammoland

Extend your Bipods Who would have thought extending the pivot point of bipods would create so much excitement. Our blog article, BipodeXt Radically Increases Your Steadiness Potential, on Rex’s Review of BipodeXt, has made the headlines and was picked up by Ammoland.  To view the article click here. Our newest submission to Ammoland, What is…read more

Lever And Fulcrum: The BipodeXt Bipod Extention System

Thanks for the introduction The Firearms Blog: Read Full Article Working on a principle similar to sight radius, BipodeXt is releasing a series of products designed to place a bipod farther forward on a rifle to maximize accuracy. The device operates on a telescopic system that attaches to a rail on the rifle’s stock or forend.…read more

BipodeXt Radically Increases Your Steadiness Potential.

The long-awaited Tiborasaurus Rex review of BipodeXt has been uploaded to YouTube and is available to view. Rex’s opening line is, “this thing is incredibly helpful.” Later on, he continues by adding, “it really really helps. Not even exaggerating it makes it twice as good or three times as easy maybe more, it’s hard to…read more

Rock Solid Stabilization Platform

I received a call from a gentleman inquiring about a BipodeXt which is a new stabilization platform. He had questions since he heard a brief description about the product from Rex Reviews podcast but was interested to learn more. One question he asked was how sturdy is the product. This was the first question Mr.…read more

RX17: Training the Next Generation of Long Range Precision Shooters

Tiborasaurus Rex and Paul McCoy Present RX17 RX17 is a Long Range Precision Shooters Seminar hosted by YouTube personality, online reviewer and podcast host Tiborasaurus Rex (Rex Reviews) as well as accomplished rifle builder, PRS competitor, and Long Range Precision Rifle consultant Paul McCoy (PMAC Precision).  This Duo plus special guests John Huber (Huber Concepts)…read more

What Is A Fulcrum And Why Will it Make You Shoot Straighter

A fulcrum is the support about which a lever pivots.  In the case of Accuracy Solutions logo the old man has his board (lever) pivoting on top of a mountain. This illustration is very similar to a playground toy most are familiar with, a seesaw, except for the position of the fulcrum. The reason the…read more